Sacred Stone Emotional Healing Bracelet

$ 59.99 $ 175.00

Made from natural Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite stone beads, this bracelet carries the vibrations of the Heart Chakra and deep emotional healing energy. Rose Quartz is the premier gemstone that resonates of unconditional love and healing. It echoes of relationship healing and love that transcends outward from its location and beyond your aura. It has been hand faceted to add to its natural pink sheen.

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful pink marbled stone with peaches, pinks, yellows, green and brown interspersed throughout. It is known to aid in deep emotional healing, self-love, and recovery from past memories. It is also a heart Chakra stone which projects childlike joy and emotional balance. These two stones combine a powerful energy of love and harmony which complement one another beautifully.

The bracelet is finished with silver-toned accents and a feather charm to lighten your spirits and elevate your joy. Rhodochrosite beads measure 7.5mm and Rose Quartz beads are 10mm each. Bracelet measures approximately 7" in diameter and is on elastic cord. One size fits most.



The information provided on these crystal and stones is for informational purposes only as it relates to their "metaphysical" characteristics. It is not intended to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition. It is not a substitute for seeking medical attention or treatment. Only a licensed medical professional can diagnose and treat medical conditions. Please refer to them or other licensed professional as needed or required.

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