Sacred Stone Labradorite Synchronicity Bracelet

$ 27.99 $ 59.00

Made from natural Labradorite beads, this bracelet carries the vibrations of powerful magickal energy. Labradorite has many metaphysical properties such as enhancing psychic communication, protecting the aura, and releasing negativity. It is also known to aid in synchronicity, as seemly magical things just "happen". This stone also enhances the throat Chakra and third eye Chakra.

The beads vary from light grayish brown to dark smoky gray and give off brilliant flashes of blue optical illusions called "Labradorescence". The bracelet is finished with silver-toned accents and a winged heart charm.

Labradorite beads measure 8.5mm and 4mm each. Bracelets measures approximately 7" in diameter and is on elastic cord. One size fits most.



The information provided on these crystal and stones is for informational purposes only as it relates to their "metaphysical" characteristics. It is not intended to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition. It is not a substitute for seeking medical attention or treatment. Only a licensed medical professional can diagnose and treat medical conditions. Please refer to them or other licensed professional as needed or required.

As most witches know, all power to create change comes from within you. Use of these stones will not make you rich, beautiful or powerful. Nor will they turn you into an amphibian. It will not cause you to become possessed with demons or speak in tongues. You will not burn in hell by using them. They are merely lovely natural earth-born products that will help you connect with nature and its wonders. Enjoy these "gems" responsibly and live a happy life.

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