In Search of Something Different

Anyone can sell you occult supplies and ritual tools. And this is precisely why we decided to open an online store.  I prefer to purchase items from people who actually use them in their spiritual practices. It's much like trying to buy a car from someone whose never driven. It's all about the experience.

When I first began to explore my pagan side, finding tools was incredibly difficult. Mail order was the only option unless you were near a large town with an occult shop. Even then, a visit to that store was awkward, not just for me but for those in the proximity, acting as though I carried plague. Sadly, many people still behave as badly.

Perhaps the single most challenge I faced was locating unique, quality made tools that not only emulated my spiritual needs but were also aesthetically appealing. I also preferred to find handmade and naturally curated items to be Earth-friendly. Of course, recycled and repurposed items are very useful as witch's basic altar items so I seek to use these in many of the tool kits we offer.

We run this family business in the hope that we can help you to find you path to enlightenment. We stand behind our products and strive to be your online source for all your spiritual supplies and ritual tools. We will continue to seek our new and exciting items to celebrate throughout the Year.

Although our site is relatively new, we have been using, making and consecrating our supplies and tools for decades for our families and friends. We now offer them to you. 

Many Blessings,